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Can you get underarm stains out from my suede shirt?

Well, yes and no. We know how to address this problem and we do. But, sometimes perspiration and other conditions of wear result in a permanent colour change. Also, contact with chloride salts weaken silk. In addition to perspiration, chloride salts are present in many types of beverages, food, medicines, and yes, salt water. The most common type of chloride damage is the result from perspiration or contact with an antiperspirant.

Should I dryclean or wash my silk garment?

We know that silk responds well to drycleaning. Washing silk at home may result in shrinkage, limpness, and considerable fading. We recommend following the manufacturer’s care label instructions with a reminder that, in most instances, a garment with a washable label can also be safely drycleaned. Regrettably, some ‘washable’ silk dyes do not react well to water. Oftentimes vibrant colours fade in washing, resulting in fading or multi-coloured dyes will run into one another. […]

What is leather and suede?

It’s a natural animal hide-not a piece of fabric, so, even with the latest and best care technologies, some change of appearance can result. When you purchased your leather garment, it probably had hangtag that emphasized the nature of the variances in colour and textures as characteristics that make each garment unique. Other tips on leather and suede: Hides from different areas of different animals are used. A good manufacturer […]

How to keep your leather looking good as new.

Leather looks good and you look good wearing it. To keep it that way, CLEAN IT EVERY YEAR. Our leather specialist knows how to best clean and restore your leather. Wear a scarf to protect the collar area from body oils and perspiration. Heavy staining of any kind and ground-in dirt is not a friend of leather. Allow leather to air-dry away from heat if it gets wet. When you’re […]

How to find the best leather.

Buy from a reputable retailer Look for careful matching of textures and colours throughout the garment; however, suede will never be completely uniform Avoid a snug fit. Some relaxation shrinkage can be expected in use and cleaning Read and save accompanying care information

Common problems with shirts.

We successfully launder hundreds of shirts every day. And we are very good at it. But, like all things, shirts can outlive their useful life or exhibit other problems. Whether your shirts are store bought, custom-made, expensive, or inexpensive, the problems below identifies and explains are those we encounter from time to time. Please point out spills such as those from white wine, fruit juices. or soft drinks, or other […]

Tips for keeping your clothes in great shape.

Please point out spills such as those from white wine, fruit juices. or soft drinks, or other stains that may not be visible, when you bring in your cleaning. These invisible stains require special attention by us in order to prevent them from permanentlydiscolouring your item. Perspiration can cause dyes in fabrics to change colour so, if possible, protect your garments from excessive contact with perspiration. Always allow lotions, antiperspirants, […]

When a stain can’t be removed.

We attempt to remove stains in accordance with professional practices. However, not all stains can be removed despite our best efforts. This usually means that • The clothing stains are very old, oxidized, and set in the fabric • The delicacy of the fabric limits the degree of removal • The fabric dye is soluble — that is, we would remove the dye along with the stains The more information you […]

Why you should never ignore a stain.

Stains and soil left too long can be impossible to remove. Studies by the Dry cleaning & Laundry Institute show that after aging for only one week, 20% of stains cannot be removed satisfactorily. After three weeks, this increases to 47%. If staining occurs, bring it to us as soon as possible. Don’t press stained or soiled clothes. Heat is another factor that makes stains more difficult to remove. Don’t iron stained or soiled […]

Why ironing your clothes is so important

Sure, you may be able to wash your casual clothing at home, but time spent doing that long with the most hated household chore — ironing—only takes away time from family and other pursuits. We have the skills to make your clothes look and feel their best by creating a crispness that simply cannot be duplicated with home care. No matter what the surroundings and circumstances, you never get a second chance to […]

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