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For seventy five years, Hillary’s professional dry cleaning has been servicing the Ottawa market as the Nicest Cleaning in Town. Fraser Hillary formed the company in 1949 with the corner stone value to be the “Best in Class” for customer service and to this day Hillary’s continues to meet this expectation. Hillary’s same day cleaning is still the city’s best and a departure from the 3-4 day standard. Today the company is run by John Murray and Karen Murray and remains a leader in the dry cleaning industry.

Hillary’s offers more than just dry cleaning, in fact they have a suite of convenient services such as morning curbside drop off, FREE pick-up and delivery service throughout the greater Ottawa area, garment repair and alteration services, wedding gown cleaning, drop off boxes, home drapery cleaning, laundry service and environmental cleaning processes. This diversification has proven extremely popular with their clients and has both strengthened their customer base and attracted new business. Their monthly discount specials and client appreciation programs exemplifies the kind of customer-focused approach that Hillary’s has long been respected for.

Attracting and retaining caring, qualified personnel is a challenge throughout this industry, but Hillary’s has consistently experienced low turnover, high morale and tremendous loyalty among its staff, currently numbering seventy-five individuals. The close relationship and frequent dialogue between staff and owners is one reason, combined with the generous employee incentive and recognition programs.

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