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Innovative Clean Technology

Here at Hillary’s, we’re committed to helping sustain the planet. Our innovative clean technology is safe for your clothes and the environment, with the added benefit of brighter whites, more vibrant colours, softer sheets, and scentfree garments that are left with no chemical odours. You can feel confident that you’re making the right decision for your health and for the planet’s health.  

The First in Ottawa:

We are proud to be the first drycleaner in Ottawa to implement System K4, a new dry-cleaning system that eliminates the use of older chemical cleaning solvents and instead uses new environmentally friendly solvents with stroncleaning power. 

Advantages of System K4 dry-cleaning process:

  • Environmentally Friendly (non-toxic, non-hazardous material, biodegradable) 
  • Excellent Cleaning Performance (keeps clothes looking new) current dry cleaning systems while keeping your clothes looking new
  • Dermatologically Tested (ideal for sensitive skin)
  • Almost Odourless (safe for those sensitive to odours) 

System K4

The dry-cleaning industry is continuously evolving to become more environmentally sustainable. As a result, new cleaning methods have been introduced to replace hazardous halogenated solvents. Many new solvents are safe; however, they fail to be as effective.  

Germanbased Kreussler Group developed a solvent that is both safe for the environment and provides the same fresh clean that we have become accustomed to. Solvon K4 is a patented non-halogen organic solvent that delivers a superior. In addition, Solvon K4 is non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, and safe for your health 

The chemical additive behind Solvon K4’s effectiveness is Acetal DibutoxymethaneSolvon K4 is able to dissolve and absorb lipophiles (fats, greases, and oils) as well as hydrophilic soil (watersoluble soil) 

Additional benefits of Solvon K4 is that it reduces energy requirements as it requires less steam, and cleans 3-4 times more clothes before needing to be replenished. Therefore, Hillary’s investment in Kreussler Group’s innovative Solvon K4 reflects our commitment to environmental stewardship.  

Here at Hillary’s, we are committed to the health and safety of our community, clients, and employees. Make the right decision for the environment by choosing Hillary’s Cleaners.

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