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Should I dryclean or wash my silk garment?

We know that silk responds well to drycleaning. Washing silk at home may result in shrinkage, limpness, and considerable fading. We recommend following the manufacturer’s care label instructions with a reminder that, in most instances, a garment with a washable label can also be safely drycleaned.

Regrettably, some ‘washable’ silk dyes do not react well to water. Oftentimes vibrant colours fade in washing, resulting in fading or multi-coloured dyes will run into one another. We see it especially when light and darker dyed fabrics are combined. We routinely double check colourfastness before we begin any cleaning process. You should too when washing at home. From time to time, we can brighten faded colours with a special professional process. However, it is only a temporary fix.

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