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My suede shirt has colour missing in certain areas. What happened?

Loss of colour in localized areas usually occurs because the fabric came in contact with a substance during consumer use. Contact with any of the following can cause discolouration:

• Hand sanitizers
• Body sprays
• Deodorants and other consumer and household products
• Moisturizers and other skin care products
• Alcohol
• Perfume or cologne
• Hair spray
• Shampoo
• Home detergents and dish liquids
• Toothpaste
• Facial cleansers
• Products containing chlorine
• Mouthwash and other astringents

When it’s lighter in certain areas:

Sueded silk refers to a slightly brushed fabric finish which makes the fabric feel and look like velvet suede. Areas that are repeatedly rubbed during wear may lose this finish, creating lighter areas or a shaded appearance. We typically see this occurrence in the seat, waist, inner thigh, elbows, or other areas of wear. The edges or folds at the lapels, hems, collar, and cuff may show loss of the sueded finish as well.

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