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What household or skin products can cause stains?

Perspiration — Body oils, antiperspirants, or perspiration left long enough on silk and wool garments will weaken the fabric. Frequently cleaning clothes heavily soiled with perspiration can lessen the likelihood of a problem.

 Acids — Perspiration, deodorant, antiperspirant, even “all natural organic” products, fruit juice, or hair preparations can cause a change or loss of colour along with weakening the fabric.

Alcohol — Perfume, cologne, skin freshener, aftershave, hair spray, medicine, and adult beverages can cause permanent stains or colour loss.

Bleach — Home bleach, hair care products, disinfectant, skin lotion, acne preparations, whitening toothpaste, medicine, cleaning products, office supplies, and other such items can cause a change or loss of colour or fabric weakening depending on the dye and fabric.

Alkaline Substances — Cleaning products, toothpaste, soap, detergents, shampoo, and skin preparations can also cause problems that may not appear until the stained area has aged or the item is exposed to heat during a cleaning process.

Salt — Perspiration, beverages and food, medicine, even wintry street gutter splash or snow removal slush can result in a change in colour on wool fabrics.

Hair Preparations — Permanent wave solution or other hair care products can result in a change in colour. This type of staining is easily recognized by the  location in the neckline, shoulder, or back of garment.

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