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What are some clothing care tips

The objective of all textile care processes is to clean and restore garments to a condition as close to their “like new” condition as possible. These processes normally can be divided into two basic steps – soil removal and finishing. Soil removal generally is accomplished by immersing the soiled textile tem in water or a solvent to dissolve or flush-out the soils present. Some type of mechanical action and a detergent aid in the removal of the soils.

Cleaning with solvents generally is referred to as drycleaning, while cleaning with water is referred to as laundering or “wet” cleaning. The term laundering is used to describe machine washing in either domestic or commercial applications. Wet cleaning generally refers to hand washing of garments in a professional cleaning facility.

While many drycleaners have for some time performed limited wet cleaning, recent activity in the United States and Europe has sparked a renewed interest in water-based techniques as a complement to drycleaning of garments with solvents. In order to assess the feasibility of more widespread use of wet cleaning, it is important to understand both processes and the factors that determine which process can be used on a garment.

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