Innovative Clean Technology

Safe for your clothes and the environment. Hillary’s is a business committed to helping sustain the planet and greener home with the added benefit of brighter whites and colors, softer more supple clothes and clean neutral smelling garments with no chemical odors or lingering concerns for your health.

Ottawa’s First:

Hillary’s Cleaners is the first dry cleaner in Ottawa to implement a new dry cleaning system, called System K4 , that eliminates the use of  older cleaning solvents and uses a newer environmentally friendly combination of solvents with strong and unique cleaning power.

With the new System K4, Hillary’s Clearners customers will see the following advantages:

  • Environmentally Friendly – non-toxic, non-hazardous material, biodegradable
  • Excellent Cleaning Performance – same cleaning and sometime better results than current dry cleaning systems while keeping your clothes looking new
  • Dermatologically Tested – ensuring those customers with sensitive skin can use the services.
  • Almost Odorless – important aspect for persons who are very sensitive to odors

System K4

As the dry cleaning industry has evolved new cleaning methods have been introduced designed to move away from the hazardous halogenated solvents of earlier years. While many new products have been presented, all with promises to fulfill the demands of the industry in terms of cleaning and safety, none have proven to be both until now.

SolvonK4 the cornerstone of the new cleaning system developed by German chemical company Kreussler GmbH is a true departure from the norm and an evolution in cleaning Technologies. Kreussler, who is the inventor of wet cleaning has been working in environmentally sustainable methods of textile cleaning for decades, has now patented non halogen organic solvent that cleans better then the industry standard, is non toxic, biodegradable and poses no risk for ground, water, air or people.

The chemical behind SolvonK4 is the full acetal Dibutoxymethane, although intimidating to say acetals are the basis for all sugar chemistry, are used as flavoring agents in food, in cosmetics and household cleaners. Everything that produces cellulose, like trees and plants do so through acetal formation. This ultra pure compound is made by reacting two dangerous chemicals together in a way that the new structure is very stable, not dangerous or hazardous and will not pose any risk, both short term or long term.

People are always skeptical of new chemistry and what time will prove for their safety, but SolvonK4 has the benefit of not being new chemistry, in fact it has been in use for years in other industry’s and has been tested in many forms for all sorts of potential risks with no negative results. Some of the additional benefits of this solvent is that it reduces energy requirements since it requires less steam to operate the cleaning machines, it cleans 3 to 4 times more clothes before needing to be replenished then other solvents which mean Hillary’s consumes less solvent and produces less waste which is no longer hazardous compared to the waste coming from halogen based solvents.

Kreussler’s innovation and Hillary’s investment in it will ensure operations at a level of environmental stewardship over the standards required by law. Hillary’s cares deeply for the community, clients and work family and want to provide the best for all three and SolvonK4 will help Hillary’s meet this obligation.